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Innovation in Crypto Charitable Efforts for COVID-19

As we approach virtual New York Blockchain Week (NYBW) taking place May 7-15, 2020, the industry continues to exemplify innovation and leadership in donating to relief efforts for COVID-19. CoinDesk, which runs the Consensus conference, Ethereal Summit, an event held by Consensys, Gitcoin, a mission driven project to grow the open source community, and nonprofit crypto donation […]


AI Smarter than Humans to Flatten the Curve of Coronavirus

Wash your hands, social distance, isolate!  Humans are doing their part to fight COVID-19, but   the technology side of the story that is currently underreported.  There was a boost last week to Google’s Verily when President Trump mentioned that they were going to be using technology to screen.  As we saw, they were nowhere close to […]


Early Stage Technology Funding In The Time Of Coronavirus

Last week, Sequoia Capital, one of the oldest and most respected venture funds, issued its “Black Swan” memo to its portfolio companies warning them to have enough cash on hand and make decisive decisions to weather the storm that has been the financial, economic and social crisis triggered by Coronavirus. Since then, there has been a debate […]


WTF is Happening? Hard Tech Female Founders Are On The Rise

It’s a great time for hard tech female founders! There have been many women-led businesses who became “unicorns” in the past few months, namely Glossier, Rent the Runway and now Away. Great news for female founders! But did you know that the newer, lesser-known female founders in areas outside of beauty, fashion, e-commerce, etc. are also on the rise? […]


Can Crypto Miners Be Considered Broker Dealers?

Mining is a vital part of the cryptocurrency industry today. While some industry followers believe that crypto mining will go away sometime in the future, it remains an active pursuit for individuals and companies to mint digital money using racks of computers. In the current regulatory environment, the status of cryptocurrency miners is unclear.  For […]


The Rise Of Smart Securities And Private Blockchains

The offerings of digitized securities are expanding rapidly. In January, I attended Atomic Capital’s Digital Asset event, at which they announced a partnership with Agenus a Biotech company, offering a digital security around a drug in clinical trials. The initial asset to be tokenized is the future US asset sales of AGEN2034, a PD-1 inhibitor. […]


How Blockchain Technology Can Make You Healthier & Richer

Is private and secure healthcare a crisis of modernity? The cost of seeing a doctor experiences significant increases yearly, baring many from realizing the benefits of modern medicine. In 1970, the expense per person for health care was $355, and in 2016 $10,348.  A community burdened by rising cost, debt, and complicated methods of access […]


Over the last decade, consumer technology and the sharing economy has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives. It has changed the way we travel, shop, interact with our friends and even date. Millennials have come to expect immediacy and sharing of experiences, including in their financial investments. As a venture capitalist during this time […]